Ice Blue’s Poster as Layered as the Film

When choosing a direction for Ice Blue’s poster, director Sandi Somers and marketing art director Derek Heisler kept coming back to the imagery and the many themes in the movie. Both keyed on the Entz family’s pond and the blue poppy for their significance and their relation to the story.

Here’s Derek Heisler to explain his choices further:

Ice Blue is a journey of how the effects of nature and nurture can cause one's mind to drown. The blue poppy is a reoccurring theme in the film, often depicting unnatural moments. I found that interesting and really enjoyed representing the protagonist Ariel through the blue poppy on the poster. The poppy is floating, lost and isolated on the surface of the water. The water is dark and consuming. To sink beneath the surface would mean death. The family dugout is an important setting and required a strong presence on the poster. When we look at the poppy we see that it is decaying, but not in a normal sense. Typically flowers die from all edges at the same time, here we see something unnatural slowly consuming the flower. The actions of her parents are represented through the decay that is slowly consuming Ariel before she sinks below the surface. Isolation is a strong theme in the feature, and we can see it emulated through the choice in type and the spacing of characters. The title was intentionally created to be subtle, allowing the viewer’s eye to focus on the content of the poster. I believe the visual metaphors present in the poster and brand speak to the strong narrative of the film and its characters.

One look at the poster and it will get you in the right mood for Ice Blue. It’s intriguing and unique, just like the film itself.